Friday, July 5, 2013

Good buy or not? Printer ink at Costco.

Trying to figure out if the printer ink at Costco is a good buy isn't easy.

First, I couldn't find the exact pack I bought at Costco for sale from another source.  The closest I could find was the standard, non-XL, ink cartridge. The price for two of the regular cartridges on the HP site is $39.99; I paid $47.98 for two XL.  According to a write-up on the HP site, the XL ink cartridge will print 1,000 pages, compared to 660 the regular ink cartridge can print.  So I ended up paying 17% more for 33% more pages.  ( If my math is correct.)  Even more confusing, the package says "now 50% more," so it's possible that the pack I purchased is a redesign and an even better deal. 

I stopped at the local big-box office supply store, and the price and selection was the same as the HP website.  The black ink XL, available at Costco, was not available at either the website or the store.

I am almost always happy making the Costco choice. When I make purchases elsewhere, I'm usually sorry.   

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