Saturday, June 15, 2013

Caper Rich (ratatouille season)

It's caper season. My main, and perhaps only, use of capers is ratatouille. With summer squash and eggplant coming on, it's time to replace my capers. (Capers are with the spices in my Costco.)

I don't use capers fast and end up throwing away the dregs of the Costco-sized jar. But it's still more economical for me to buy the large jar. I love the sour and salt flavors, and, if I have a tiny jar, I skimp.

Now, I'm caper rich.

It occurred to me to include my ratatouille recipe, but it's free form. I use what summer veggies I have, sauté them in lots of olive oil, and cook until tender. The capers get thrown in at the end.  

I serve ratatouille cold or hot, and I have good luck with freezing.  Once frozen, it's best hot, but if never frozen, it's best cold.

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