Sunday, June 23, 2013

Food Styling Class with Nashville Food Bloggers

I didn't even know food styling existed. Actually, it's an entire career.  Saturday, Nashville Food Bloggers, a group I've written about before, sponsored a class by Teresa Blackburn, a well-known food stylist who just happens to work from Nashville.  Sixteen current, lapsed or prospective bloggers spent three hours learning secrets of food styling.

A while ago I posted about the stuffed peppers available in the Costco freezer section back by the butchers 

Here's a photo from that blog post, before the workshop:

Here's an attempt using some of the things I learned Satuday:

I can totally understand why Teresa is so sought after by big companies. You can see some of her beautiful photos on Pinterest.

I am going to work on improving this aspect of my blog.  Thank you Nashville Food Bloggers.

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