Friday, June 14, 2013

Cast Iron Cooking

I don't shop at Costco exclusively.  I also shop at my favorite thrift store, and yesterday I found a cast iron Griswold frying pan.  I needed a small frying pan, and I didn't have a cast iron skillet. (I'm going to tie this into Costco in a minute.)

It was filthy, and I didn't buy it; but, when I got home, I looked up cast iron on the Internet, and, according to the Internet,(lololol) cast iron could be cleaned in a self cleaning oven.  To make a long and very smoky and stinky story short, that worked.  

One of the first things I relearned about cast iron is how easy it is to burn yourself.  The cast iron holds the heat much longer than stainless steel, requiring a different technique from cooking on gas. You no longer have the ability to easily regulate temperature.

My first effort was a grilled cheese sandwich, using Alpine bread and Kirkland sliced cheddar cheese. Honestly, I was impressed by the taste and crispness, I hadn't cooked with cast iron in almost 40 years, and I had forgotten what great things it can do for food.

My Panko covered eggplant for lunch was a learning experience, in which I learned: when the heat is even, the slices need to be even too.

Today I noticed the West Nashville Costco has the cast iron cookware on sale.  The prices are great, if you want a griddle with ridges or an 8 quart cooker, go quick.

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