Monday, May 20, 2013

Strawberry Jam Adventure, Part One

According to blogs, strawberries are a crop treated with lots of pesticides/chemicals.  In fact, these blogs say that along with celery, strawberries are one of the crops that should be purchased organic. 

In Michigan, Costco often has organic strawberries, but  I've never seen them in my local Nashville Costco.

So, for making jam this spring, I bought berries at the farmer's market. The sugar, of course, comes from Costco, which I was happy has the 10 pound size (I was afraid the only sizes would be larger). I'm glad to have white sugar, underestimated how much I would miss it when I chose turbinado.

This year, food blogs have lots of interesting strawberry jam recipes with additions such as hibiscus syrup or basalmic vinegar; but, since I'm planning on making only one batch of strawberry jam, I don't want to experiment. 

Boring. I'm planning to use the recipe that comes with the Sure-Jell.

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  1. Any possibility of a home distillery?