Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mayonnaise: Hellmann's, Duke's and #mayogate

I don't like mayonnaise.  It's necessary in some things - potato salad, tuna fish; there's probably something else, but I can't think of it right now.

Bob, on the other hand, uses mayonnaise as a condiment like mustard, putting it on sandwiches.  So, we keep it in the house.  

Costco has both Duke's and Hellmann's mayonnaise.  Last year, never having tried it before, I bought Duke's to try.

Nashville twitter and other media have been having a mayonnaise argument  (#mayogate), with folks strongly committed to their mayonnaise of choice,

I'm NOT saying there is anything wrong with Duke's, and you can definitely get it at Costco.  I'm just saying, I will be buying and eating Hellmann's in the future, and so will Bob.


  1. I like how you say "tuna fish" for tuna salad just like my mom's family. Are you from Nashville originally?

    The other thing is egg salad! And, of course, pimento cheese (salad).

  2. I've been in the South, North Carolina then Tennessee for many years, but originally from Pennsylvania Dutch cooking culture. Yes, on the egg salad; pimento cheese is not something I've ever made. My most recent experience with it was trying to convince Bob that the Jalopeno Greek Yogurt from Costco tasted just like pimento cheese. That was not too successful.

  3. Underwhelmed by the yogurt, tis true - and I chuckled because I knew she meant tuna salad, as well. And our use of mayo (Hellman's) was and is fairly infrequent, limited to one of my comfort food items, a ham and cheese sandwich on new york jewish rye - when I make it, it's often without condiments, but when she makes it for me, bless her it's with the bread from her earlier post here, toasted, with Hellman's mayo and grey poupon mustard. I can live on those, just as she can survive on almond butter and crackers. :-)