Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nekkid Fruit Salad

My friend Carol's birthday celebration was last night at Rose's house. Everyone brought a salad. I love an excuse to buy the big Del Monte fruit salads from Costco. They are ordinarily too big for us.

After cutting the huge chunks into smaller pieces, and adding some blueberries that I had on hand, I thought I might make a salad dressing.

After googling fruit salad dressings, I found a site with recipes and comments about cream based dressings, honey based dressings, orange juice based dressings, mayonnaise based dressings and combinations of the above.

Then, I read the forceful comments of someone who hates all fruit salad dressings. Really, really, really hates them. I don't like them either.

My salad went naked.

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