Monday, April 22, 2013

My Favorite Costco Blog - Costcotuu

This has to be my favorite Costco blog!

I can't tell exactly where she is, but according to Google translate, she's writing in Japanese about Japan Costco.  Also, from Google translate, this is a hobby site not affiliated with Costco.

All the products are unfamiliar to me.

 Here's a Google translation about one product:

Previously, buy black vinegar into sauce sesame gold Mitsukan's, it has been used as a sesame of pan and dressing, the shape of the dressing I had been Mottari in mayonnaise like totally there, but the dressing of Kewpie I have a feeling Sarah Innovation with the thickening slightly.

I love how this almost makes sense to me, may have something to do with (I think I might have mentioned) I lived in Japan for three years in the '50's.

Maybe we could have a Costco bloggers convention!  In Hawaii!

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