Saturday, April 6, 2013

Aspirational Blogging

Some people plan every facet of a trip, some people are delightfully spontaneous, and some people stumble into places not knowing where they are.

Which is what happened to me when I found myself a member of Nashville Food Bloggers. Membership has three requirements, you have to live around Nashville, you have to have a blog, you have to have written about food. Check, check, check. They accepted me, so I randomly picked a couple members' blogs to read.

Oops! These people are impressive cookbook authors and restaurant critics!

I began to fantasize what it would take for me to up my game to a professional level - the massive amounts of carrots it would take to truly perfect the carrot cake recipe and not just say, "next time I would add less sugar." I could see my tiny kitchen overflowing with carrot cakes. For some reason I kept thinking of Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate shop.

Always good to play with people better than you are. I guess.


  1. Better Homes and Gardens has a recipe for carrot cake in the April issue. Sounds delicious, and I plan on making it very soon.

  2. I will definitely check it out. Still have lots of carrots!