Friday, March 22, 2013


Scatterbrained people have a terrible time with socks, because there're two and they're not attached and they come is a seemingly infinite variety of colors and patterns. It's easy to see all the potential problems that can arise: Not matching. One missing. Both missing.

When I was working, I just didn't have the excess mental energy to deal with sock emergencies every morning, I needed reliable socks.

So, I began wearing the black men's Gold Toe socks from Costco. (I usually wore pants to work.) These unvarying socks saved me countless hours of useless sock searching and decision making.

Once retired, I tried a mixed pack of three cute pairs of DKNY women's socks from Costco. I seem to have already lost one pair completely. And I have a suspicion that one of the other pairs might be gone, although since that pair was black, they just might be camouflaged among all the men's Gold Toe socks leftover from work.

You really start to doubt yourself. Where can a frigging pair of socks go? Feet. Laundry hamper. Washer. Dresser. Feet.

I never even would have noticed a missing pair when all the socks were identical.

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