Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Luggage Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Luggage used to be something I knew something about. My first husband was in the luggage industry, and I picked up some of his knowledge. At least, according to me.

My good luggage fell apart after the divorce, and I had to buy my own bags for the first time. I tried a couple cheap brands thinking the airlines would destroy them anyway. But, no matter how cheap it was, I found out the hard way that, if it only lasts once, it's no bargain. Being in a strange city with luggage with a broken zipper is no fun.

I decided to buy the good stuff. I didn't like the previous version of Kirkland wheeled luggage and chose instead the Tumi wheeled case that Costco carried at that time.

What a great case! It has lasted through NYC, Detroit and many less taxing airports. I think it's a little over engineered in terms of pockets and unnecessary neat features, but it has only grown on me.

Costco sold off their Tumi luggage stock and now have a Samsonite/Kirkland hard shell case and a newly designed, soft-sided, wheeled Kirkland line.

I don't know anything about hardshell cases, so don't have an opinion there; but the soft sided case is definitely better-made than the previous Kirkland luggage.

Someone made quality decisions on materials. I don't think the design is anything special.

In my West Nashville store yesterday, the 26 inch version of the new Kirkland carry-on was on sale.

I'm hanging with the Tumi, only wishing I'd bought two.

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