Monday, March 25, 2013

King Henry VIII would eat beef (Part 2)

I saw Flashdance, the Musical, last week; it developed and has been playing in England and is currently on US tour before going to Broadway. It struck me as very English.

The main theme is social mobility. The fact that Alex is a dancer following her passion is secondary to the question of whether she can transcend the status distance between herself and her factory owner boyfriend.

Social mobility was also a central theme of the English Booker Prize novel we read for book club. Wolf Hall is the story of Thomas Cromwell's rise from being son of a brewer to being Henry VIII's counselor.

My fellow book clubbers, not overly class conscious and an accepting lot in general, seemed to enjoy the beef steak strips from Costco that I shared at our Wolf Hall discussion.

I haven't perfected how to serve these. They were OK cold, Next time I would bake for 15 or 20 minutes. I served with horseradish and catsup, which, in a nod to social climbing, I called tomato confit.
(We may not be snobs but we're not going to admit to liking catsup.)

For six women, the "Beef Steak Strip" 32 oz. pack was more than ample.

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