Sunday, March 17, 2013

Costco frozen treats

We eat lots of Costco ice cream. Our Costco usually has vanilla only, but we buy the caramel toffee on the rare occasions when it's in stock.

Costco fudge bars are a staple at our house; and we went through a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich phase. We decided the ice cream sandwiches aren't our favorite; for low-cal/low-fat, we stick with the fudge bars.

What I hadn't tried; and, since I've got this blog, had to try, are the sherbets in real fruit cups. (After all, the whole point of the blog is to have an excuse to buy more things at Costco, right? Family, you didn't see that!)

I remember the first time I had sherbet in real fruit cups. We were visiting my husband's* cousin and her husband in the Belgravia neighborhood of London. He was an older man, a graduate of Sandhurst, a steel magnate before the steel industry was nationalized, and, at that time, a food wholesaler. Their elegant apartment, full of china, crystal, and engraved botanic prints, opened onto a lovely garden with a working fountain.

I was impressed by everything, including the ice cream presentation. Sherbet in fruit cups will always remind me of that elegant day.

After trying the Costco ice cream fruit cups, I liked them and was pleasantly surprised by the calorie count (three out of four under 100 calories). They come from South Africa.

I'm wondering if these could possibly be the same brand I had in Belgravia so long ago.

*I've received at least one question about this wording. This was my husband at the time, now my ex-husband. We were married for another fifteen years after the London trip, but have been divorced for ten. I didn't want to get all involved in that story when I was writing about ice cream.

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