Sunday, March 3, 2013

Brooklyn Apartment beats WiFi

When I FaceTime from Tennessee with my three-year-old Brooklyn granddaughter, she often wants to show me her room, but the wifi cuts out before halfway down the hall.

Seemed like a good idea to buy the strongest, most super wifi I could and replace what they had. I got this from Costco and installed it during my stay, but it didn't make any difference. Half way down the hall, the thick limestone walls seemed to be able to block the signal.

Thank goodness for the great return policy; hopefully, I won't have any trouble returning the wifi OR the Hanna Andersson butterfly dress.

My granddaughter has decided butterflies make her sneeze.


  1. Can't she be convinced that they're faeries? Tinkerbelle in development? part of a Lunestra commercial? Too cute to take back....

  2. The dress isn't the only casualty. There are two unworn shirts that came back as well. I'm going to try to figure out the local children's consignment sale culture.