Sunday, February 24, 2013

Changing to 1-day moist disposable contacts

Twenty years ago in 1991 or 2, I started wearing monovision disposable contacts, splitting my eyes between one close-up for reading and one for distance.

When I started, I only needed a contact in one eye for reading. Since then I've had to go to using contacts in both eyes; the prescriptions have gotten stronger and stronger. But that's not the problem.

Over the last year or two my eyes have gotten dryer. My dr suggested using eye drops all the time and I did that. But my contacts still dried out and didn't last a week. (Which is the schedule I had used forever.)

I tried the monthly wear contacts thinking they would be less likely to dry out, but they felt slimy to me.

Finally, I tried the daily wear. As designed, I wear them for a day and toss them. Eureka. I think this is going to work.

And Costco carries them cheaper than anyplace else I could find!

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