Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More rant about Costco check printers

More rant about being billed for a double order of checks:

This has to have been caused by me hitting the back button not realizing my order had gone in the first time. The check printers have no order confirmation screen.

The two identical orders have to have been placed seconds from each other and because of the faulty design, I'm betting this probably happens fairly frequently. There is no way this could NOT have been a duplicate order, because it would be impossible to enter the information that quickly a second time.

I said to Maryanne, "Why don't you send confirmation emails before the checks are printed so someone can see if there's a problem? That's what other on-line merchants do."

"We do!" she says. "Isn't it strange you didn't get one?" Very sarcastic voice.

Me: "yes, isn't it." (FYI, yes, I did check my spam filter.)

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