Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Forty pounds of bird food

Sigh. Not that long ago, ok maybe ten or 12 years, I had no trouble getting the 40 pound Costco bird food onto my cart. I could just about leverage, wedge, and lift it.

Then, when I started to admit it was a little heavy, I started asking nice young men to put it in my cart.

Now, before i check out, I ask the Costco checker to ask an employee to get it; and I have to ask one of the cart guys to put it in my car.

You might ask how I get it out of my car once I get home? My friend Carol gave me the tip for this.

I empty it into smaller containers out in the car, and carry these smaller packages in one by one. Works great and totally worth the great Costco price for volume.

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  1. Uh...this is when she isn't willing to wait for Bob to get it out of the car. Just sayin'....