Thursday, February 28, 2013

White Caladiums sold out?

At our West Nashville Costco, the spring and summer bulbs have arrived. Looking at the shelves, I saw an obvious hole where someone or several someones had cleaned out one of the choices.

There were dahlias, lilies, iris, and several types of red/pink caladiums but no plain green and white caladiums, which were what I wanted.

What are the chances, I thought, that someone came in and bought the exact thing I want? And bought every single bag?

Pretty good, it turns out. I went to Brentwood, Tennessee, Costco yesterday and voila!

I bought two bags but there are plenty left.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Costco dark chocolate cherry clusters vs Costco almond bark

I was thankful for the review of the Costco almond bark by Mike from the blog, Costco Cuisine. He likes the almond bark.  He explains that he prefers a milk chocolate; so, even though he says the bark is not too sweet, I think it's probably too sweet for me. 

I don't like milk chocolate at all; I've decided not to purchase the almond bark.

The Costco chocolates that I love right now are the dark chocolate almond cherry clusters. To me, these are perfect.

Bob doesn't like them.  (Sorry for the ultra-weird reflection of Granny Fifi in the photo.)

T shirt Thank-you bags on sale Costco

The Brentwood, Tennessee, Costco is selling "t-shirt" bags at deep discount today.

Forty pounds of bird food

Sigh. Not that long ago, ok maybe ten or 12 years, I had no trouble getting the 40 pound Costco bird food onto my cart. I could just about leverage, wedge, and lift it.

Then, when I started to admit it was a little heavy, I started asking nice young men to put it in my cart.

Now, before i check out, I ask the Costco checker to ask an employee to get it; and I have to ask one of the cart guys to put it in my car.

You might ask how I get it out of my car once I get home? My friend Carol gave me the tip for this.

I empty it into smaller containers out in the car, and carry these smaller packages in one by one. Works great and totally worth the great Costco price for volume.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More rant about Costco check printers

More rant about being billed for a double order of checks:

This has to have been caused by me hitting the back button not realizing my order had gone in the first time. The check printers have no order confirmation screen.

The two identical orders have to have been placed seconds from each other and because of the faulty design, I'm betting this probably happens fairly frequently. There is no way this could NOT have been a duplicate order, because it would be impossible to enter the information that quickly a second time.

I said to Maryanne, "Why don't you send confirmation emails before the checks are printed so someone can see if there's a problem? That's what other on-line merchants do."

"We do!" she says. "Isn't it strange you didn't get one?" Very sarcastic voice.

Me: "yes, isn't it." (FYI, yes, I did check my spam filter.)

Beware ordering printed checks from Costco

Beware ordering printed checks from Costco. My order went in twice, they sent no confirmation emails so I didn't know until the extras were already printed.

Very rude about making it right, they said they would, then put me on hold for 10 minutes to get me a "confirmation" and never came back. They could call me back since they have my phone number....

We will see if it turns out alright on my credit card statement.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Remembering swimming in gardenias

When I was ten years old, my grandmother took me on a chartered tour of Mexico. I remember watching the cliff divers in Acapulco, climbing the huge pyramid at Teotihaucan, and swimming in a pool full of floating gardenias. The fragrance was new to me, but I've loved it ever since.

Gardenias are not winter hardy here in Nashville, but Costco had a great deal on them, and I didn't resist. The deal came with three good sized plants.

So far, I'm just moving them around the house. I may end up planting them outside and taking a chance.

Already the smell in the house is making me happy.

Apple Slap Bracelet

As much as I love and enjoy Costco, I love and enjoy Apple. I fondly remember that time in the past when they weren't mutually exclusive and Costco carried Apple products.

I was a Dick Tracy fan; so I'm already craving the rumored new Apple bracelet/phone/watch.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Changing to 1-day moist disposable contacts

Twenty years ago in 1991 or 2, I started wearing monovision disposable contacts, splitting my eyes between one close-up for reading and one for distance.

When I started, I only needed a contact in one eye for reading. Since then I've had to go to using contacts in both eyes; the prescriptions have gotten stronger and stronger. But that's not the problem.

Over the last year or two my eyes have gotten dryer. My dr suggested using eye drops all the time and I did that. But my contacts still dried out and didn't last a week. (Which is the schedule I had used forever.)

I tried the monthly wear contacts thinking they would be less likely to dry out, but they felt slimy to me.

Finally, I tried the daily wear. As designed, I wear them for a day and toss them. Eureka. I think this is going to work.

And Costco carries them cheaper than anyplace else I could find!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fingerprint Checkout and Costco Am Ex

I was interested in this article about an experiment underway to add biometrics to fingerprint scans:

Linking Biometics to Fingerprints

Why couldn't Costco offer this technology at checkout?. Tie my print to my Costco Am Ex - I'm ready.

Costco Toy Playhouse

I almost started talking to a young father at Costco in Charleston, SC. He had this playhouse on his flat cart and was checking out in front of me.

I would have said: My granddaughter loves it!

But then I realized all the times old people had started conversations with me when my kids were little, and I decided to give him a break.

BTW, E especially likes the kitchen inside and plays in this little house year round.

Chooka Rain Skimmers, Flats and Costco

About a year ago, maybe more, Costco had cute little ballet flats. I tried them on, decided I never wore flats, and did not purchase..

Of course, since then, I decided I needed flats, weighed Lanvin vs. Tieks, and ended up buying Tieks, both for me and my daughter. Expensive, (but not as expensive as Lanvin!)

Only mention this because my Costco now has Chooka Rain Skimmers. My first response was I would never wear, but then I realized Costco is often ahead of me in knowing what I'm going to want. Price is great.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Wine for Book Club

(Disclaimer: If you shop at Costco for wine,  you must look up, a fabulous blog about Costco wine.  The following is not a post from someone who knows anything about wine.)

The last book my bookclub read was The Paris Wife, a currently popular historical novel about Ernest Hemingway's first wife and their time together in Paris. We found it provocative enough that, for our next book, we decided to read The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway's roman a clef about that time in Paris.  

At our upcoming Sunday meeting, my friend Rose volunteered to provide a pseudo French meal (her term) and I volunteered to bring pseudo French bread, butter and wine. 

My strategy was to buy a bottle of each kind of Kirkland brand wine I saw on my trip to SC, and then later look up the grape varieties to find out if that grape grew in France or Spain.

 (In the book, Hemingway spends a great deal of time drunk in Spain, and so, seems fair to add Spanish wine.) I figured all the grape varieties probably came from France anyway.

I was surprised to find out that Zinfandel has no French origin - it's Croatian and Italian.  I'm keeping that one for us.  I think I can make a case for any of the others.  Going to take the Cabernet Sauvignon to bookclub for sure, and probably the Medoc.

Costco Lemon Juice

Fabulous lemon juice automatic rebate at my Costco today. We use this to flavor water, and go through it pretty fast.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Re the Costco golf gloves

Re the Costco golf gloves, now on sale, my Dad says:

Gloves were pleasant surprise. Leather quality far exceeds most others. Equal to top Foot Joy. Sizing is very accurate. An outstanding buy.

I should probably add that my Dad is 93 and has played more rounds of golf than the average person.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Princess dresses and Costco

My two three-year-old granddaughters are way into all things princess. I realized this AFTER the Costco box of princess dress-up, available at Christmas, was gone. E did get one from her other granny.

I bought a box of dress-up (not as good) from Amazon and sent it to S, but wow - expensive- almost $50.00.

The current Easter dresses available at Costco are less than $20 and much better made that the dress-up.

I'm wondering if I might be able to convince S that this is a fun princess dress?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Charleston - a tropical Costco

Visited the Charleston Costco today. you can tell it's in a different climate; they've got a lot of surfing, boating, and golfing equipment - specialty things I haven't seen in the Costco in Tennessee. For instance, an Odyssey putter, a Tommy Bahama beach cart, a palmetto. I would definitely stop here before settling into a vacation beach rental.

(South Carolina is the palmetto state.)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Road trips with Costco

Love to use Costco as my stop when I'm traveling. The gas is always cheaper (today 20 cents a gallon cheaper than nearby stations), snacks are cheap (their famous $1.50 hotdog/drink deal) and it's fun to compare the different Costcos by region.

Today I stopped in Spartanburg, SC, where they have wine (which can't be sold in grocery stores in Tennessee). Grabbed a bottle of the Kirkland Chardonnay.

I keep thinking of the words of the wine buyer for Costco when confronted by wine snobbery implying a Kirkland label was déclassé: "It's a beverage!"

Didn't get to do a thorough shopping because of the weather -I was anxious to get back on the road. Absolutely crazy; cars were sliding all over due to the slippery roads.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I need my phone

My iPhone 5 stopped taking a charge tonight. I asked Siri to ring the apple store which gave me technical support. Tech support set me up with an appointment and I went over to the Green Hills store.

The technician asked me if I had tried to service the phone. Definitely not,

Turns out a tiny screw had come loose and jammed in the charging slot. I have a hard otter box case which makes this even stranger.

I went from total panic to totally fine in an hour. First real hardware problem with Apple but quick fix.

Costco Valentine's Day

Costco has bamboo plants on sale today. This was a happy accident as I swung by to get one for Bob for Valentines day. I delivered it to his work and tried to look official; but, when I said his name, the guard smirked at me.

Bob seemed happy to receive it; although the security guards in his building teased him about it. "Somebody looves you!!"

I definitely got the better present, see below.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Great deals at West Nashville Costco today on leftover Kirkland Christmas cookies. The ones in the great tins are less per cookie than the ones without the tins. Other things on sale include Kirkland golf gloves, iPad accessories, and hanging closet dehydrators (?).

I had to buy the upgrades for the iPad and I think I like them - cover and keyboard.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting Started

So...having just seen Julie and Julia, I'm sure I'm one of thousands, probably tens of thousands of new bloggers who think they might have something to blog about - who think they might have something to say that other people might want to read. Actually, I don't think that, I just want to read other blogs by women who are negotiating the last part of their lives. I like Time Goes By by Ronni Bennett very much, but I mostly like it when she posts about having fights with her neighbors and her decision to move.