Thursday, January 3, 2019

Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts

If you have any need for dry roasted peanuts, now is the time. Costco has a buy one get one free sale right now. I fell for this and will have enough dry roasted peanuts for the rest of my life.

$6.49 for 52 oz.  I own 104 oz of dry roasted peanuts....

I’m going to have to do a recipe.

Kirkland Crepes

We all know that nothing ever goes on sale at Costco. However, now is a great time to look for items ending in 7, which means sale. Yesterday, there were two different cookie packs for $3.97. I chose the Kirkland Crepe Buiscuits with Belgian chocolate, which turned out to be Jacques approved.  One pound, 3.3 oz of chocolate covered cookies, which are more like Belgian chocolates, for $3.97 is a good price.

I saw women’s boots and shoes, women’s underwear, and dried uncrystallized ginger for sale, with prices ending in 7.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tiny Update

Ever since Google stopped supporting the Blogger app, it’s been much harder to blog. The blog has fallen into disrepair, and I’m sorry.

Also, my husband retired.

And, I started shopping at Aldi, which took my concentration off of Costco and diluted my posts.

In May,  my Aldi closed temporarily to expand, so I’m back to a one store focus and thinking again about the blog.

Just wishing it weren’t so darn hard to do on my phone.